the brightness in the features , the illumination in the skin, beauty in the nose, the delightfulness in the eyes, the elegance in the tongue, grace in the size and perfection of hair beauty .

Much has been said about the division & definition of beauty, but…we haven’t started yet !

A special manner in the world of beauty

Each of us has his own way of showing his personality and expressing his feelings .
Perfumes have always been the master of the situation in giving each of us what distinguishes us from others.

These perfumes never fail to travel by retrieving buried memories , refreshing feelings we had forgotten , to give us hope again.


We at VRESIANA help you relive those memories, revive that hope.

Through our long experience, in which we combined the authenticity of the past with the modernity of the present, to travel with you around the world, starting with roses and Sparta lavender, to discover together the beauty of the universe
to the farthest reaches of the earth and the deepest oceans
to tell us a love story that we write for you as you like, we hide it in a bottle to be yours only.

What do we offer you?

We always strive to make happiness accompany you
and the purpose is not to be a beautiful scent only, but to be a unique experience that accompanies you from the morning , comforts you in the evening .
so we have created many products with distinctive and unique fragrances:

personal perfumes
Body and hair deodorants
Scented natural creams
Air fresheners
A set of special aromatic candles